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Windu 3.0 - list of changes

After many months of challenges, new version of our CMS is finally out! We've decided to drop the idea Windu 2.4 and go for 3.0 straight away due to amount of changes we've made to the UI and the system itself! It's truly a revolution! Down below we present to you a list of changes compared to ver. 2.3 


New functions and tools:
  • Calendar
  • Forum (beta)
  • Automatic databse migrator  from SQLite MySQL ( for PRO license users)
  • Context search engine for data from all the tables (PRO)
  • Ability to set permissions for individual tabs (PRO)
  • Graphical editor of a template
    • Ability to switch picture with one click
    • Improved inPlaceEditor
    • Ability to edit widgets parameters from website level
    • Added ability to switch pages template for individual page
  • Installation Creator
  • Categories for graphic templates
  • New system for updates with a progress bar
  • New system for system checks during logging in (with a progress bar)
  • Improved license system
  • Totally redone language tabs with a preview of variables and missing texts in translations in admins panel and widgets (red alerts at missing elements)
  • Improved widget update panel
  • Ability to import contacts from users database in the mailing system
  • Improvements in Cron (PRO)
  • Improvements RequestLog panel (PRO)
  • Improvements in firewall, added limits in sending warning email (PRO)
  • Improved RSS panel (PRO)
  • User search in website users panel


Changes in users interface
  • Changes in graphic design of admins panel
    • Graphic style - flat
    • New background graphics
    • Coloristic changes
    • FontAwsome icons
  • Mobile version of the panel
  • Improved efficiency of admins panel by splitting individual tabs to separate views
  • Moved menu to the left side and added ability to collapse it 
  • Context search engine improving navigation
  • Change in the way date is displayed with time from change taken into concideration
  • Ability to change language of admins panel in the footer

Changes in WinduCORE
  • Updated CKEditor
  • Updated CodeMirror
  • Updated SMARTY
  • System adjusted to PHP 5.5 by changing class generator to generate
  • Optimized ImageServer
  • Optimized Cache system
  • System for versioning resources
  • Fixes of the system managing databases
  • Class to generate PDF
  • Added mechanism filling gaps in graphs and optimization of efficiency of generating complicated queries with grouping
  • Improvements to update mechanism
Soon we will publish another note - some numbers related to the update. An inforgraph with information about biggest changes is also in preparation 
Meanwhile we're waiting for your feedback - what do you think about the update


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