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Windu CMS

Check out what one of the best CMSs has to offer!

Easy to use

Easy to use

Windu CMS is a simple, lightweight and fun-to-use application used for managing information on websites. The system was designed by a web design firm - .

System Functions
  • UI- refined and convenient
  • InPlaceEditor- content editing from website level
  • Graphical text editor
  • A lot of additional functions including statistics

Demo of the Admins panel

Check out Windu in action!

Login to the demo admin panel!

Good security

When creating the system we paid special attention to security threats coming from both outside and inside the CMS.

Basic Mechanisms
  • Database transactions
  • Binding of variables
  • Filtering incoming data from outside
  • Snapshot table which separates sensitive data
  • Automatic clearing mechanisms
  • Captcha
Mobile version

Mobile version

Windu CMS templates are made utilizing Responsive Web Design technology. Your website will be displayed not only on PCs but also smartphones and tablets.

Graphic templates
  • Mobile version- separate graphic template with the mobile version and side menus adapted to cell phones
  • Responsive Web Design- Graphic template adapts its width to the screen on which a website is displayed.

Graphic templates

Simple and fast installation

Ultrafast SQLite database and intuitive admin panel, make it possible to install Windu in under a minute! Just upload the files onto the server and launch the system by creating a new admin!

To install just:
  • Send downloaded Windu files onto your hosting
  • Perform a 30-second installation using our installer
  • And then... Oh wait, that is all! Windu is ready to work!

Installation guide
Web browser top

High performance

Thanks to a file database and an efficient object-oriented PHP code, Windu CMS is really fast. Turning off the integrated Cache, speeds the system up even more!

Integrated caching system
  • PHP optimization- results of frequent operations are saved to static files, which significantly offloads the server
  • Templates- after turning on view caching, the system works with the efficiency of static HTML files
  • CSS/JS- optimization and compression of CSS and JavaScript files in order to limit transfer and number of requests to the server
  • Request minimization- both images and JS/CSS files are optimized to reduce the number of requests to the server

Easy positioning

Our CMS comes with advanced SEO services, which index your website on top search engines such as Google, helping your potential clients find you faster.

Additional tools
  • Redirecting- results of frequent operations are saved to static files, which significantly offloads the server
  • 404 log- all 404 errors are saved and analyzed
  • Contents- proper setting of html tags allows SEO optimization
  • Sitemap- a sitemap is generated automatically. We can decide which websites are supposed to be included in generator!

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