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Battle Report

Since the release of Windu 3.0 we have we have done a lot of stuff to our CMS. The most important event in the near future will be the upgrade to version 3.1, which means a lot of changes. To list a few:
  • Forum module update, the current panel finished and improved
  • A new forum statistics panel in the PRO version
  • A new panel with the log of any changes done by users in the PRO version
  • An improved system UI, especially the fold out menus in the small version, as well as other changes including a redesign
  • Increased speed of the admin panel by 7-20%
  • An improved system for uploading css/js files
  • An improved panel for editing pages from the browser level
  • An improved installation wizard
  • A system that allows the user to force the installation of chosen widgets while installing a new template which will allow for more flexibility when creating new templates
  • Improvements to the add poll panel
  • Improvements to the Moderator panel 
  • An improved language panel that allows editing of individual language phrases from the page level 
  • A new installer version of the system, adapted for expansion. Portal and blog templates will now make an appearance as will the addition of new default images to the system 
  • Slimming down of the installer
  • 5 new languages for the admin panel 

We have already implemented some new things
  • 9 new graphic templates (6 more coming!)
  • App for Android and Windows Phone (iOS version waiting for Apples approval)
  • An improved forum, adapted to the new version of the site
  • Newsletter for which you can already sign up and will be sent out soon, along with the 3.1 version
  • 5 new languages for our www site

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